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FORGE can help individuals form sound business ideas with expert advice.

In addition to and in conjunction with the loan program, FORGE also provides business specific technical assistance. These programs include classroom studies in subjects such as how to write a business plan, how to market products and services, and how to manage finances. These programs are offered to current and prospective borrowers, as well as the general public. FORGE can also provide new or struggling business owners with mentors, and through a network of contacts can help owners find trained professionals to help them when they need specific assistance with legal, financial, or strategic challenges.

As a community service FORGE also works with Credit Counseling to host seminars in local schools to help high school seniors understand credit and avoid predatory lenders.

Attending a technical assistance class is not a substitute for a good business plan and relevant skills but it is one more link in the chain that will help a family reach its dreams.

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