FORGE lends money to individuals, small businesses, farms and other non-profits in Arkansas, Southwest Missouri and Northeast Oklahoma.

Loan Application

What types of businesses does FORGE fund?

Our preference is toward services in small communities, sustainable agriculture, forestry, and businesses that create jobs. Our current borrowers include a graphic artist, backhoe operator, goat farmer, florist, midwife, bakery owner, adventure camping operator, and several small manufacturers, to name a few.

What is the application and approval process?

Begin by completely filling out the Membership Application and Loan Application. No up-front fee is required, though you must pay the $35 membership fee if your loan is approved. Mail the completed application to the FORGE office, and you will be contacted by a FORGE representative. We will review your credit, and if eligible, you will be asked to schedule a face-to-face visit with the FORGE loan officer, usually at your facility. The size of your loan request then determines the review process that will take place.

Why borrow from FORGE?

The only fee you will ever be charged (above closing costs) is a one-time $35 FORGE membership fee With good credit, FORGE can offer lower fixed interest rates than traditional banks FORGE considers loans that other banks may consider too small or nontraditional FORGE provides tools to help borrowers be successful, including technical assistance and mentoring

Service Area
A map and list of all the counties we serve.

Now serving all counties in Arkansas


Adair, Cherokee, Delaware


McDonald, Barry
We have many loan funds that are targeted to specific geographic areas, types of businesses, and other demographic characteristics, as well as a general loan fund. Send your business plan to us today to find out if FORGE can help you achieve your dreams.

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